Growing up in a farming community and being an athlete all his life, Chad Craig traveled many roads to injuries.  After playing college football and during a short stint with the New Orleans Saints, Dr Craig was told that he had a low back condition called spondylitic spondylolisthesis, which sent him home.

Following a few tries of traditional medical treatment for his condition, chiropractic care was given a chance. He was so amazed with the great results from that treatment, that soon he felt led to return to school to become a chiropractor. 

In addition to traditional chiropractic, Dr. Craig was also trained in several adjunctive therapies, including myofascial release therapy, acupuncture, foot orthotics and a certification in extremity adjustment and treatment.  This additional training, along with continuing education, and the physio-therapies that normally accompany chiropractic care allow him to present a multi-faceted approach to his patient's healthcare.

Dr. Craig has given numerous lectures on the benefits of chiropractic and encourages the education of his patients through proper nutrition, exercise and healthy lifestyles.

Chiropractic treatment with Dr. Craig will be provided from someone fully qualified and professionally trained, yet with your needs in primary focus providing that personal touch that makes all the difference in the world.