Sports drinks aren’t ‘recharging’ your kids. They’re just pumping them full of sugar.

As temperatures heat up and we sprint to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, sports-drink marketing is at a fever pitch. Coca-Cola, owner of Powerade and Vitaminwater, is the longest continuous Olympics sponsor, and the company is clearly onto something. Kids across the globe aspire to be as fast, strong and skilled as Olympic athletes, so marketing Powerade as the drink of an Olympic winner is certainly a gold-medal strategy.

12 Sandals With Arch Support for Walking Around All Day

Every year, it feels so good to put away winter boots and slip into a fresh pair of stylish sandals—that is, until you spend your first full day walking around in them. Unsupportive footwear can leave you with tender, achy arches, and many sandals leave you more prone to blisters, rolled ankles, and tripping.